Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I apply?

Every school has it's own nomination or application process. Students are either nominated by their school, apply through their school, or apply through their local American Legion Auxiliary Unit. However, if you are unable to find any resources or connections, or aren't nominated by your school, you can apply to the program regardless. Some units might only have a few spots that they will financially sponsor, however all students are still encouraged to apply to us directly and we connect them to sponsoring units.

How much does Girls State cost?

Girls State is sponsored by American Legion Auxiliary units across the state of Vermont, which helps covers the cost for students and families. We do ask a $30 payment from families, as well as a $100 room deposit check that is destroyed at the end of session. If this payment is a deterrent to apply or join Girls State, please let us know. We do not want finances to limit any student from coming to Girls State!

Can I get high school credit?

Absolutely, if that is something your host school allows. We will work with any student and their school to provide high school credit for a student. 

What should I expect at Girls State?

Students participate in a variety of activities, including creating a party platform, campaigning, speech writing, running your town, and participate in panels featuring a variety of Vermont leaders. 

Here is a snippet of our schedule last year!

You can submit your application to your nearest American Legion Auxiliary Unit, or email to